Discovering your whole package

Discovering your whole package

Saying “I LOVE YOU” To You:

When is the last time you told yourself in the mirror “I LOVE YOU?” This month we have been focusing on women and the relationship with themselves and relationships with others. Has anyone you loved said “I LOVE YOU” to you recently?  How did those words make you feel? Imagine if you told yourself those same exact words.

I want you to try this exercise: Saying 10 times what you LOVE ABOUT YOURSELF

  1. I LOVE YOU because you …….
  2. I LOVE YOU because you …….
  3. I LOVE YOU because you …….
  4. I LOVE YOU because you …….
  5. I LOVE YOU because you …….
  6. I LOVE YOU because you …….
  7. I LOVE YOU because you …….
  8. I LOVE YOU because you …….
  9. I LOVE YOU because you …….
  10. I LOVE YOU because you …….

What were your responses? Take note these are the qualities that are part of your package. YES!! You are lovable and you deserve to acknowledge what you love about yourself. By doing this not only do you speak it to yourself, you increase your ability to tell someone else.

For example, you order a package on-line with multiple items and there is a free gift (a surprise). When you get that package you will dig through it noticing the items. However, really looking for that free gift (surprise). You, darling, are the surprise. Your package is made up of many items and you are the gift. No one can convince you of this gift; you have to know for yourself. Let me know what are some items that are in your package.

Are you curious about your inside beauty?

Are you curious about your inside beauty?

Women, we have to learn to start with self first before everything else.

Have you ever looked so good on the outside- your hair was done, your outfit was fabulous, your nails were done, however, internally you felt HORRIBLE? Feeling somewhat confused about what was going on with you because your external presentation and your internal feelings were not matching up.

Yes, I know what that feels like, I have had many of those days, which have influenced me to write this blog about self-love and INSIDE BEAUTY. When our looks change over the years through experiences, all we have left is our inner beauty.

Imagine if you were able to look at someone’s inside map and decide if you wanted to proceed with a friendship or relationship and vice versa, someone would be able to check out your inside map before they decided to interact with you.

Within all of us, we have our own special beauty. The question is: do you know what your inside beauty looks like presently?

Some of the societal messages we have adopted are about external beauty and external beauty only, which is very misleading. Yes, we can look good and yes we can fool ourselves. Though, when you are sitting alone by yourself without anyone or anything to distract you, that’s when the real evaluation of your inside beauty comes to the surface.

Is this space too uncomfortable for you to sit in?

If so, it might be time for you to start to get to know yourself without all of the external possessions and influences.

When you take the time to get to know what beauty resides within you, there will probably be some surprises. You will learn more about yourself than you thought. Today, is all about YOU, WHO ARE YOU and HOW DID YOU get there? Spend some time to discover what this question means to you. You may discover the more time you spend appreciating and loving yourself that you are an outstanding person without all of the extras.

In the end, though, it is amazing to see what you can do when you take the time to get to know your inside beauty. We all have it.

Will you decide to take the time to get to know what your inside beauty looks like? It’s up to you, woman-friend!