Vison-what is the vision of our lives together.

Alignment- are we both on the same page about what you want.

Life-what choices and decisions are you/we going to make to enhance your relationship

U and I- you and me= we. Us being in this relationship together and enjoying the partnership we create.

Experience- what do we want to explore together.

Let’s recap

Vision as a couple: where do you both want to go in life. Do you know your partner’s vision for themselves and the relationship?

Then there is Alignment. Do you communicate with each other? Do you feel connected to each on multiple levels (emotionally, mentally, physically and financially)?

Life- decision-making in a relationship: how are you and your partner making a decision together as a team. What decisions are you in agreement with and what decisions are you not in agreement with. How do you compromise with one another?

You (U) and your partner creating memories with one another, participating in activities or hobbies that you both enjoy.

Experience- what type of life and lifestyle do you both want? Have open dialogues about this in the beginning and revising it throughout the relationship, we change and grow in relationships.

Learning more about each other’s values can be a fun conversation. The way you vision and communicate your values at the beginning of the relationship may have changed as you grow you may have more clarity, more knowledge, and more experiences.

Always value your values. They are part of what you think you deserve and how you create the life you want for yourself and your partner.