Communication do’s and you might want to think about (don’ts)!


  1. Communicate
  2. Learn what your communication style is
  3. Share your communication style with your partner
  4. Listen to your partner before responding
  5.  Allow time/space to communicate with your partner regularly (daily and weekly)

You might want to think about (Don’ts)

  1. Avoid communicating
  2. Communicate and not understand what you want from the conversation
  3. Assume your way of communicating is the “right way” and/ or “only way.”
  4. Think you are the only one who has something to offer (say)
  5. Refuse to make time/space for communication with your partner

Every relationship has its own dynamics. However, when it comes to communication you can
trace back every decision, conflict or vacation planned, happened due to communication. Either
good communication, miscommunication or no communication.

Take a second and think about the last 6 months, if you and your partner made a decision or had a conflict what was the outcome? And how much did communication have to do with the outcome?

– Requina